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Who we are

The Shapiro group began its operations in the mid 1980’s and has grown into a leading property owner, developer and manager, fully equipped to quickly execute all real estate transactions. Our holdings are located in the province of Quebec, Ontario as well as the states of New York and Michigan. Our portfolio of over 50 properties has in excess of 10 million square feet consisting of Office, Multi-functional, commercial/industrial properties, shopping centers, land for development, self storage facilities as well as residential projects. One of our greatest points of pride is our vast experience in the real estate development industry, in particular re-positioning troubled properties and turning them into success stories.

What we do

What we do here at the Shapiro group is build long lasting relationships. Whether these relationships are with, Canadian Real Estate Professionals, our valued Tenants and/or Financial Partners, all have allowed us to grow year after year. Since our humble beginnings, we have worked at strengthening these relationships by recognizing that each of our Tenants require flexibility and have different business needs especially as the business cycles cause tremors in the Marketplace. With the help of our relationships with real estate professionals, we have honed our unique skill at finding and uncovering special real estate opportunities. We take great pride in having recycled, repaired and reused challenging real estate situations and turned them into exceptional pieces of the contemporary landscape. Our financial partners, who are almost all Canadian Financial Institutions, have acknowledged our expertise and integrity and have encouraged us to venture into an ever increasing volume of business. We, with our strategic joint ventures has permitted us to prove the maxim, 1+1 does not always equal 2, but substantially more.

Proud Partners

Our iconic properties


225 Lafleur (Seagrams)

Constructed in 1924, the Lasalle Distillery of the Seagram's Corporation became famous for its whiskey production, which it exported to the united states during prohibition. Unoccupied since 1991, the five buildings on the site will be rehabilitated by our team. The Mixed-use project will focus on integrating the exterior spaces into the community life while respecting the sites rich industrial history.


5781 Notre-Dame (Dickson)

This building was founded in 1883 as a Canadian railway locomotive manufacturer by Montreal Locomotive Works (MLV). All plant facilities were converted to fabricate tanks, trucks and airplanes for the Commonwealth war effort during the war. Following World War II, MLV reverted to building locomotives till 1985 when the facility was defuncted. Now the building has taken on new life, while conserving its foundation, it is being transformed into a modern distribution centre for the Decathlon and a modern, hi-tech and design savvy headquarters for Muraflex Inc.